Why choose a personalised cap?

Caps are among the most popular fashion accessories. It adapts to various styles and any head size, and is an accessory that has been present in many different historical periods, making it timeless!

Having a personalised cap brings immense added value, making it the ideal choice for a company looking for an everyday accessory that is not only useful, but also stylish and easy to personalise.

Caps were initially popularised by sport, especially baseball. What at first was a feeling of belonging to a team and a form of support ended up becoming a fashion accessory far beyond sport, due to its thousand and one ways of wearing and its practicality.

Several brands quickly realised the potential of the cap and adapted it into a very effective advertising object. The unisex character, the many possible colour and style combinations, the low price, the infinite ways to personalise - many are the arguments in favour of the success of this timeless accessory.

Why is a personalised cap a good idea?

High visibility: the cap is worn on the beach, in a park, playing sport or simply in the street, i.e. almost everywhere, which makes the logo or message necessarily visible to many people.

Useful all year round: While in summer the cap is most often used to protect against the sun, in winter it is used all the time. Whether in velvet for a city look or with earflaps to protect outdoor workers from the cold, for example.

One-size-fits-all and unisex: One of the biggest plus points is undoubtedly its unisex nature, which makes it suitable for a wider range of people, and above all its lack of concern for sizes. An adjustable buckle or velcro band makes any cap fit the wearer's head.

Interesting price for an advertising object: a basic model and a simple design is key to success and in terms of budget it becomes very interesting.

Almost infinite styles: the colour, the model, the type of fabric or details such as the protective visor, reflective tape and much more, are features that make the cap very versatile and with multiple styling possibilities.

A sustainable cap to personalise?

Our ambition at Maudlin Merchandise is clear - to favour more eco-responsible and sustainable materials and processes wherever possible. Naturally, we've turned more towards organic materials, such as organic cotton, or recycled fibres, whether polyester or cotton.

What methods do you use to personalise a cap?

The best method for personalising a cap will depend on the desired result and your objective.

If the aim is for the cap to be used for a youthful, informal style, the ideal is to embroider the design, making the cap more city-like if the embroidery is embossed.

If you want the caps to be used in a more natural or corporate environment, the ideal method will be DTF (Direct to Film) or, in the case of large quantities, screen printing transfers can also be used.

With all three methods, you'll get high-quality, long-lasting results.

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