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Earlier this year we made some internal changes, altering some of the "base" garments we work with. This may seem like a trivial step, but it is extremely important as specialising in the printing of a particular item brings gains in quality and speed. After all, if you work with a product hundreds or thousands of times a day, every day, you get to know it intimately.


Although we have basic articles, we work with more than 1000 different products, so every day we produce clothes of different models and qualities. So, at the same time as we made these changes, we also asked our employees what their favourite T-shirts were.


Digital opinion // DTF

Sol's Regent are the t-shirts that deform the least when pressing DTF images. They have a good grammage and a wide variety of colours, allowing you to do countless jobs.


Digital opinion // Direct Print

My favourite t-shirt is Sol's Imperial. For me, the brand presented a good quality t-shirt to work with compared to others. In terms of flexibility, it has a better mesh. It's not a thin T-shirt and it's a little heavier, which helps with the prints.


The opinion of embroidery

I like the TSUAOVER Oversize T-shirt from JHK. The fabric is stable, which doesn't allow the embroidery to unravel, and it has a good thickness, which influences the embroidery, making it much more beautiful.

There's not as much chance of ruining garments because of the fabric it has (it doesn't break needles, it doesn't tangle the thread) and there's not as much margin for error because all the finishes on the garment are the same, making the fit on the frame always the same.



All sectors of the company ended up choosing a different T-shirt model and this is extremely interesting because in reality all production methods have different requirements.

When it comes to embroidered clothing, we look for a thick fabric that won't warp as it is cut thousands of times in production.

When it comes to printed clothing, we look for a softer fabric so that it can print more smoothly, without raising lint.


This turned out to be an interesting challenge for us too, with Sol's on the rise in our employees' choices when it came to t-shirt printing.

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