What is the ideal size for embroidery on polo shirts?

This is always an interesting question that doesn't have a single or simple answer. We've seen 2cm or 10cm embroideries and really it all depends on your logo and your goal.

Polo shirts to be embroidered


First of all, it's well known that most of the embroidery on polo shirts is on the left chest (heart area). It's undeniable, right?

This is an area where the size of the embroidery is very important. We don't want an embroidery that's too big, especially horizontally, otherwise we'll end up with our logo under our armpit. That's a big no-no. We also don't want it too small that it loses readability in situations where it has text or details that need to be legible.


The reality is that most embroidery on polo shirts or any item that needs to be decorated on the left chest is around 6 to 8 cm long.

This isn't to say that work can't be done with other measures. We've done embroidery starting at 2cm (just small strokes or logos) and we've done embroidery up to 12cm (very complex texts with lots of information), it all depends on the image itself.


Then there's also embroidery on the back and sleeves, and then everything changes.

While on the sleeves a 5cm long embroidery is usually already big (we have to bear in mind that the sleeves are short), on the back we can take advantage of this and make huge works, up to 25cm in diameter.

However, something that is also very important and that we shouldn't forget is that - just like direct textile printing - embroidery is priced according to size, i.e. the larger the embroidery, the more expensive the job will be. We have the specific sizes we charge for on our website, but it would be advantageous to go for smaller embroideries so that the price is a little lower.


What we consider most important is that you agree to work with us on this chapter. Ask us for help and let us advise you in order to find the perfect size for your embroidery. With good communication and understanding, we're sure to find something that's neither too small nor too big.



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