The difficulties of embroidery and how to get a better job

Embroidering caps or T-shirts is a more difficult job than it might seem at first glance. There are dozens of points to consider and the work we do on an article may not be the same if we change the article. Let's change "may not stay" to "probably won't stay" and we'll have a more coherent exercise.


In textile decoration, there is no method with more variants that influence the quality of a personalised textile production than embroidery.


You can have two hats with very similar characteristics and it's certain that both will have a slightly different result.

The simple fact that a cap has 5 or 6 panels will have a huge influence on the final result. Each panel has its own seam and when we have a 6-panel cap, we invariably have a seam in the centre of it. When embroidering over this seam - especially a detailed image or text - there may be slight variations between each item, as the needle doesn't like these thicker areas and tends to run off to the left or right.


Even with items like t-shirts, it's very easy to ruin a job when you choose the wrong one. As this is quite a thin item, it's possible that the embroidery will "catch" on the garment and the fabric will look bad. If the embroidery has a lot of detail, the needle will prick too much in the same area and we've even seen T-shirts tear during the production of personalised embroidery.

The trick in this article is to use relatively thick t-shirts (190 grams) to give them more "body" and a larger embroidery or one with little detail to extend the stitches a little more.

personalised embroidery
Embroidery on Polo Shirts


Lastly (but there are many more examples), we can't expect the same result from embroidering caps as from embroidering polo shirts or T-shirts. Different garments have different thicknesses and the needle will always prick differently... different ways, which means that the result will never be exactly the same between items. Speaking specifically of polo shirts, we've seen items embroidered with exceptional quality, but when the customer garments the same embroidery on a cheaper (and thinner) polo shirt, the result is very unreadable.


Quem diria que o bordado podia ser tão difícil?

estampagem têxtil


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