Como personalizar casacos de ganga

Denim, particularly denim jackets, are extremely versatile and tasteful items. There are denim jacket models with Sherpa fur, perfect for winter, and without fur, for that classic, cool summer style.


How to personalise denim jackets?


Denim can be easily personalised with embroidery.

Over the years we have produced some denim jackets for Bendita Company with embroidered badges on the sleeves and with the logo embroidered on the back.

Denim jackets for Bendita Clothing
Embroidered denim jackets

This is a classic job that adds a lot of value to the decoration we usually do, and with a relatively low investment you can produce personalised clothing to sell at double or triple the price and with a very attractive profit margin.


In the photo above, the client wanted an embroidered patch on the sleeve, while on the back he preferred to embroider directly onto the fabric. These embroidered sleeve badges are a great way to add a special and exclusive touch.


Direct printing can also be a fantastic option for personalising denim.

Surprisingly, textile direct printing works extremely well on denim items. Whether it's denim tote bags or the - aforementioned - jackets, this method of printing T-shirts (and other items) allows you to create quality works at low cost. The huge advantage of digital printing lies in the possibility of printing clothes without colour limits and with very small details (which embroidery threads can't reproduce), making it possible to decorate illustrations with thousands of shades and gradients.


Technically, if you want to work with denim clothing, screen printing and flex are also good options, as denim - in essence - is made from cotton. However, these methods will work with a few more limitations or quality losses during the decoration process.


If you want to make personalised clothing, talk to us, we will certainly have the best solution for you in textile decoration.

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