Case Study - Growing a surf school with merchandiseCase Study - Growing a surf school with merchandise

Imagine a surf school by the sea, where the waves hit the shore and surf enthusiasts gather to challenge the waters. Now imagine that same surf school expanding its horizons beyond the waves, diving into the world of personalised merchandise. This is a case study of how a surf school managed to transform its brand into something more than just an experience on the water, increasing profits and customer loyalty.

Business Opportunity:

This surf school, like many others that work with us to produce personalised merchandise, recognised the profit potential in selling clothing with their logo. With a solid base of loyal customers and a constant flow of new students, the school saw an opportunity to capitalise on its brand and surfer lifestyle by selling personalised T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Attractive profit margins:

With an investment in the purchase of 200 t-shirts at €9 each and 100 sweatshirts at €17 each, the surf school has invested in its own business. By selling the t-shirts for €35 and the sweatshirts for €50, the school not only recouped its investment fairly quickly, but also achieved a significant profit margin on each sale. The total profit from this clothing purchase was €5200!

The school not only sells its clothes through its physical premises but also through a website, which allows them to expand and sell to customers and students who weren't able to buy at the time of the class.

Customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing:

But the real value goes beyond the numbers. By offering personalised merchandise to its students and customers, the surf school is creating an emotional connection with its brand. Customers aren't just buying a t-shirt or sweatshirt, they're buying a part of the surfer lifestyle, thus becoming brand evangelists. They use these garments not only as clothing, but as a symbol of identity and belonging to the surfing community.

This is extremely important. You're advertising your brand and putting it on the bodies of your fans, people who will proudly wear your brand and pay you for it.

ROI study:

Studies have shown that the return on investment (ROI) in personalised merchandise can be significant. Customers who buy merchandise are more likely to recommend the brand to friends and family, resulting in new customers and greater brand visibility. In addition, merchandise serves as walking advertising, with customers promoting the brand every time they wear their personalised garments.

Commitment to the environment:

It's important to emphasise that we work with organic cotton and recycled polyester clothing, reinforcing our company's commitment to ecological and sustainable practices. All our energy also comes from ecological and renewable sources, including more than 100 photovoltaic panels on our premises, and we recycle the water used in the printing process, significantly reducing our environmental footprint.

Clothes available:

We have articles available in various categories. From t-shirts to sweatshirts and even towels and ponchos, which are widely used in this sector, the selection of clothes available is huge. You'll find some of our options here.


This case study illustrates the power of personalising clothes as a tool for increasing profits and customer loyalty. For surf schools and similar companies, offering personalised merchandise is not only a lucrative business opportunity, but also a way of creating stronger bonds with customers and turning them into enthusiastic brand advocates. By investing in personalised clothing, companies not only make money, but also create a community of loyal and passionate customers who promote the brand organically, driving long-term success.

Do you want to personalise clothing with your surf school logo? Talk to us, we're excited to collaborate with you.

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