Screen Printing vs DTF: Which is the best option for my clothes

At the moment of customizing clothes, there are two techniques among the most popular that stand out: screen printing and DTF (Direct to Film). Both offer amazing results, but their characteristics can make one more suitable than the other, depending on your needs.

How to Properly Care for Customized Clothing:

Decorating clothing is a fantastic way to express your individuality and style. At Maudlin, we offer various methods to customize your pieces, including screen printing, embroidery, DTF, transfer, and DTG - direct to garment printing. However, to ensure that your customized clothes remain looking impeccable for longer, it's essential to adopt specific care practices for […]

Which type of stamping should I choose?

There seem to be more and more options for those who want to print t-shirts (and other items). When we started in 2006, we offered the option of screen printing and flex. It was as simple as choosing meat or fish. Today's market is very different and it's the customer who gains from this. . […]

DTF vs Plastisol Transfers

The recent articles have been dedicated to DTF, and in this one, we continue the trend. . DTF, or Direct to Film, is almost like the evolution of flex printing, a flex 2.0, if we want to call it that way. However, it's not just flex/vinyl printing and cutting that lose prominence with this new […]

The flex is dead. Long live flex

I'm doing a bit of futurology here, but I really believe that the days of printing vinyl to personalise clothes are numbered. The adoption of DTF by so many printers is a great harbinger of this paradigm shift in low-cost garment printing. . Flex printing was one of the favourite methods for decorating clothes with […]


DTF recently entered the market and sparked much discussion in the industry about what its role is and which customization methods it might replace, with one of the options being DTG (direct-to-garment) printing. . On this side, we have a slightly different opinion from the majority, and we believe that these are clothing customization methods […]

What is DTF and how does it work?

DTF emerged in the market and suddenly dominated all conversations about the future of clothing decoration. . This printing method complements a gap in the market, addressing the challenge of printing on clothing or difficult-to-print locations.