Video: Comparison of B&C jersey models

Comparison of B&C jerseys

We regularly release videos on our YouTube channel. This is one of the hundreds of videos available on our channel comparing the various models of B&C jerseys.


In fact, this video can be used for any shirt brand as the principles are the same across all brands. There is usually a low-end version, a mid-range version and, in some cases, a high-end version.

Other brands only have a low and medium quality version (like Sol's) or medium and high quality (like Kariban).

However, the principle is the same. The 50/50 (in some cases lower) is generally a lower quality model than the 80/20 and the result of the decorations will be too, as well as the comfort of the item.


This difference in decoration will be felt especially in direct printing (see why here), but it can also cause complications in screen printing. (see why here).

The reality is that the higher the quality of the shirt, the higher the quality of the final decoration (except for embroidery, where this is a non-interfering point).


Also, as we talked about in the video, clearly a lower quality sweatshirt also has fewer details (lined hoods are usually where brands cut corners, as in the case of B&C), which makes them a less premium product.




Hello, everyone. This is Jorge Vieira with another video for Maudlin Merchandise and now I want to tell you about B&C's hoodies.
We're getting to the point here where we're starting to have too many sweatshirts, so let's try to understand why a single brand has four hoodies that are, in theory, very similar to each other.
Let's try to figure out which one is right for you.
I have all the hoodies in front of me, from the cheapest to the most expensive.
And we're going to talk about each of them and what they have, what they don't have and what they could be.
Essentially, we distinguish between them because it's a difficult job even for us to realise which article we're going to advise the client on. So we're going to give you that information and try to help you.
Let's start with the most basic model. This shirt is WUI24, it's her reference. And it's a 280 gram jersey, 50 per cent cotton, 50 per cent polyester.
This shirt is for the price war. full stop. When you want something economical, this is usually the one you go for.
There are more expensive jerseys and there are cheaper jerseys, yes. But this one, among the cheap ones, is the one that, in my opinion, has the most attractive price. And that's extremely important.
Well, what doesn't this shirt have compared to the others?
It doesn't have a hood that's sewn all the way down the front. It only has seams at the back, which means it will always run a little.
It also doesn't have a double hood, i.e. the inside is carded, it's exactly the same as the inside of the sweatshirt.
What else doesn't she have? There's no seam cover, in other words, we have a label here and we have all the stitching here.
I'm not going to say that it's a top of enormous quality with lots of details, because it's not. But it's a very interesting shirt when you have a low budget but still want something that comes with a minimum of quality.
As I said, there are cheaper items, brands that we don't even mention because they're so bad, and this turns out to be the least bad option, which is used especially for events where the shirts have to last 1, 2, 3 days, a week, a month. Not much more than that, with regular use.
And that's it. That's the type of customer for this shirt, the customer who is looking for price, who isn't looking for a shirt that will last a lifetime. Ok?
We have the first one.

Let's move on to the shirt that we sell the most, quite honestly. It's the WUI21, also from B&C, and it's a jersey with exactly the same weight as this one, 280 grams with a few differences. Firstly, instead of 50 per cent cotton, it has 80 per cent cotton. And the 80 per cent cotton, in my opinion, is essentially essential. They are essential because they already allow us to print directly, they already allow us to print on flex and screen without fear of a bogeyman called sublimation. We can now work with much more confidence in this shirt.
That's on the decoration side. From the details of the sweatshirt itself, we can also see that it only has the seam halfway down the hood, although there is a second seam here.
We can see that the hood is already double. And believe me, this makes all the difference, having a double hood. But there's not much here that's different from the most economical.
Okay, the pocket is better cut, better quality. The elastic bands are also better than this one. This shirt will last for years without too much trouble, unlike this one, which will start to wear out very quickly.
This is WUI21. We use this shirt very often for digital printing. Below this we don't use anything on the prints because it gives us confidence in quality work. And you can see it in the description or in the link here where we've taken photos of two shirts. One made of 50% cotton, the other of 80% cotton, already printed so you can see the difference in terms of colour vibrancy. In terms of colour details. It makes a big difference.
Until yesterday, this was one of my favourites. It's still one of my favourites and I'll be recommending it to many people.
Let's put it to one side too.
And now comes a nice surprise. This is a new shirt, also from b&C. This shirt, what do I have to say about it?
It's made from organic cotton. 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester. Something that nothing here touches. This one is much better.
Details? They're better than this one. You've already got the seam all the way down to the bottom of the hood, it's coming right here. The hood is also double, it's very good. And here, where the cords go in, there's already a little seam. They're not eyelets yet, but the stitching already gives it a much more premium or better quality look than the other models.
Here the cord is elasticated. It's not a shoelace like this one, it's actually quite an interesting lace that I really like.
And there is also an area here where we can place decorated labels with quality. Something that none of these models have, this one does. In other words, this model is much more geared towards clothing brands, for more premium customers who want an item that is already high quality, but still aren't willing to go to an absurd price. This is a good sweater.
What could be interesting or bad for each of you? And this is a very personal opinion.
In these two I talked about the kangaroo pocket and what was different about each one. This one has something very different. No kangaroo pocket. This shirt has two pockets. It looks like a jacket, it looks like something other than a sweatshirt. In other words, it has two pockets in which we can run around without our keys or mobile phone jumping out. This already allows us to do that.
For those who are going to decorate or who want us to decorate, we have a much larger print area. All of this is customisable, unlike this one where the decoration area comes all the way down. We won this area. And that can make a big difference to a lot of people.
The details, stitching and so on of this organic shirt are very good. I personally like it. The fact that you already have the seam cover here is very important. Believe me, this is extremely important for seamstresses.
We can keep or remove this label that says "Hi, I'm Organic". It's everyone's choice. We, I personally like it and I personally would keep it.
Of course, you'll then find the washing information and everything that's required by law inside. Here's the new jersey for 2020, organic from b&C.

Finally, we come to the most expensive shirt, in theory with the best quality, which is the B&C King Hooded. Already on sale on our website, available with delivery in 1 week, soon with delivery in 24 hours. And what's so different about this shirt?
Well, this jersey remains the same as any other, at 280 grams. They all have the same weight. I know you can't see it on video. If we take this one and take this one, it looks twice as thick. And that makes all the difference.
It's a jersey with twice the quality, a very thick jersey with absolutely incredible finishes.
What else can I say? The hood has three layers, 1, 2, 3. It means that when you put the hood on, it always stays straight on your head. He doesn't move around, he doesn't stand in front of you when you turn your face, he turns with you. Believe me, it makes a big difference.
It has a technology called PST, it has to do with perfect something that I can't remember now.
Let's see if I can remember, if I can find it. I don't think so. It'll be in the description, I'll put it in the description. Talvez Perfect Stitch Technology, algo assim.
Her touch is extremely soft. We have a jumper from another brand that isn't carded, unlike this one, which has a touch of peach.
This one has a very similar feel. It's no longer a rough touch, it's a very soft touch, a cotton touch.
This technology means that all the cotton in the jersey is on the outside and the polyester on the inside. In other words, polyester here, cotton here.
It's incredible, it's very good, it makes the jersey very soft. It makes the jersey a very easy item to print and makes the jersey, curiously, thicker than it actually is.
We already have the metal eyelets. We also have a lanyard with a metal finish.
Something that no one else has so far. The elastic is also very good. And then we have a few different things.
We have double seams. Double stitching is visible everywhere, which makes it more resistant. It's also much more aesthetically pleasing. We also have an area here just for labelling. Here we have seam covers for the label, something that only the organic one had. This shirt is one of the best we have at the moment. One of the best in the promotional market. I don't have the slightest doubt. This model is no longer organic, it's normal cotton and polyester, but it's the star of the company in my opinion in terms of quality.
If it's about value for money, it goes here for organic. It's an extraordinary jersey with very good details and, in terms of price, it's quite affordable. This model exists for men and women, just like this one, almost certainly.
These two, WUI24 and WUI21, are completely unisex. There are only these shirts. Here we already have a men's version and a women's version.
I hope you've learnt something, I hope I've been able to help you with something. If you have any questions, write below, comment, do whatever you need to do, send us an email. Enjoy and subscribe to the channel. Let's talk more, let's watch some videos. And that's it, friends. Until next time, thank you very much.

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