Screen Printing vs DTF: Which is the best option for my clothes

At the moment of customizing clothes, there are two techniques among the most popular that stand out: screen printing and DTF (Direct to Film). Both offer amazing results, but their characteristics can make one more suitable than the other, depending on your needs.

How to Properly Care for Customized Clothing:

Decorating clothing is a fantastic way to express your individuality and style. At Maudlin, we offer various methods to customize your pieces, including screen printing, embroidery, DTF, transfer, and DTG - direct to garment printing. However, to ensure that your customized clothes remain looking impeccable for longer, it's essential to adopt specific care practices for […]

Why SCREEN PRINTING to personalize my clothes?

Screen printing is a printing technique that involves transferring an image through a mesh or screen matrix stretched over a frame. An ink is applied to the surface of the screen and is forced through the openings in the mesh onto the printing surface using a squeegee or spatula.

Direct to Garment vs Screen printing - 10 Key points

Screen printing and direct-to-garment printing are the two most sought-after printing methods in the market, but there are still many doubts about which is the best way to print T-shirts. The purpose of this article is to clarify - once and for all - which is the best option for clothing customization.

Looking for durability and quality in prints? Screen printing is the answer!

Shall we screen print? Looking for durability and quality in prints? Screen printing is the answer! At Maudlin Merchandise, we love "screen printing," which is to say, printing through screen printing techniques. And we do it very well! Whether through direct color screen printing or screen transfer, we have the capability to produce excellent work, […]

Screen printed tote bags

We have a wide variety of customers looking for cloth bags with screen printing or direct to garment printing. In many cases, they are used by small brands looking for something more economical to sell to their customers. They are also widely used by conferences and companies to place various promotional materials inside.

What is screen printing and how does it work?

Today, we have a new experience for all who follow our blog. We present the first in a series of videos about our customization methods, namely screen printing. Today, we're answering some of the most frequently asked questions about screen printing and how it works.

When to Use Screen Printing - Practical Guide

WE DO SCREEN PRINTING WORK. CONSULT HERE.   Screen printing is the type of textile printing available in the market that offers the highest quality and durability, and it is our favorite printing method. If you want to print t-shirts or other textiles with superior quality, the question of which method to use doesn't even […]