Choosing the Best Clothing for Embroidery

High-quality custom embroideries will look even better on properly chosen clothing. So, what are the best garments for embroidery? . The best fabrics for custom embroidery. Many fabrics can be embroidered. However, not all will offer high-quality results when creating custom workwear. Put simply, machine embroidery has limitations. That is, thin and lightweight fabrics are […]

Why EMBROIDER my clothing to personalize it?

Embroidery involves applying threads and stitches directly onto the garment you want to personalize using a needle and thread. It adds a handmade touch with texture and volume, creating a very elegant look.

Which type of stamping should I choose?

There seem to be more and more options for those who want to print t-shirts (and other items). When we started in 2006, we offered the option of screen printing and flex. It was as simple as choosing meat or fish. Today's market is very different and it's the customer who gains from this. . […]

Do you like sweaters? So do we!

We'll share everything you need to know to get decorated sweaters and add a personal and unique touch to what you wear In a society where it's increasingly difficult not to feel like a bit of a copy of each other, decoration is undoubtedly an excellent way of giving a personal and unique touch to […]