Direct to Garment Printing: A process with quality and durability.

The textile industry has been evolving remarkably, thanks to technological advancements that allow the creation of more sophisticated and personalized products. Direct-to-garment printing is one of these advancements, offering superior quality and durability compared to traditional printing methods. In this article, we will explore what direct fabric printing is and why it stands out as […]

Myths about customizing clothes with DIRECT PRINTING

Direct printing is a method of garment printing in which ink is applied directly to the fabric of the garment using a specialized printer. It's a fast and efficient process that produces high-quality, long-lasting images.

Which type of stamping should I choose?

There seem to be more and more options for those who want to print t-shirts (and other items). When we started in 2006, we offered the option of screen printing and flex. It was as simple as choosing meat or fish. Today's market is very different and it's the customer who gains from this. . […]


DTF recently entered the market and sparked much discussion in the industry about what its role is and which customization methods it might replace, with one of the options being DTG (direct-to-garment) printing. . On this side, we have a slightly different opinion from the majority, and we believe that these are clothing customization methods […]

Direct to Garment vs Screen printing - 10 Key points

Screen printing and direct-to-garment printing are the two most sought-after printing methods in the market, but there are still many doubts about which is the best way to print T-shirts. The purpose of this article is to clarify - once and for all - which is the best option for clothing customization.

Sustainability in Textile Decoration

Sustainability is the order of the day and there are more and more options available on the market for obtaining a totally ecological product when decorating clothes. . Despite the lack of information (or contradictory information), there are some certainties that we have. Promotional textiles have never been produced as sustainably as they are today.

Direct to Garment vs Flex Printing - What are the differences?

We sometimes receive comments and questions from our customers about the differences between printing methods. Two that raise the most questions are direct to garment and textile vinyl (flex). . Our aim in this article is to remove any doubts you may have about these two methods, especially with regard to the differences between them.

A new step in Direct Printing

What drives us? The answer may seem complicated, but it's actually simple and can be summarised in a single word. QUALITY . Every day we work to offer our customers a better service. Quality is never negotiable. That's why over the last five years we've invested hundreds of thousands of euros in machinery, training and […]

Free eBook - Direct Textile Printing

Clothing and accessories can be decorated and personalised using a variety of different decoration methods. The most popular ways of personalising clothes are screen printing, embroidery and digital printing, particularly through vinyl (flex) and direct printing.

Direct Textile Printing? Welcome to the 21st century!

Is direct printing one of the greatest innovations in textile printing in recent decades? Absolutely! The title literally says it all, because Direct Textile Printing has really brought T-shirt printing to a whole new level! We are in the presence of one of the greatest innovations in textile printing in recent decades and Maudlin Merchandise […]

The importance of composition in Direct Printing

We've said it here dozens of times. Direct printing is FANTASTIC! Perfect? No. It has its flaws, like all customisation methods, but it still allows us to make decorations that were previously impossible with the level of detail and quality that we can do today.

Printing for Clothing Brands

The area in which we have specialised most over the last few years has been printing clothes for brands. We have worked a lot with decorated t-shirts for clothing brands, offering not only textile decoration services but also advice and support through our Youtube, Blog and Facebook platforms.