Screen printed tote bags

We have a wide variety of customers looking for cloth bags with screen printing or direct to garment printing.

In many cases, they are used by small brands looking for something more economical to sell to their customers. They are also widely used by conferences and companies to place various promotional materials inside.


Indeed, cloth bags are great items to sell or to give away. They're small, light and cheap. Perfect for any situation.


In this particular case, we made several hundred cloth bags for Azores Lovers, a tourist shop in Ponta Delgada, Azores.

You can see in this short live video we made that we were able to imitate tiles through single-color screen printing.

Screen printing is an excellent option for printing jobs that involve simple logos with solid colors. In this case, we were able to achieve results slightly above average, making it one of the jobs we are very proud of doing.


We have been working with Azores Lovers for some time now, and they are excellent clients who appreciate quality work. They prioritize quality above all else, and that's exactly what we aim to provide them with.


The canvas bags we recommended to them were from Kariban, our short handle bags, although we use several different models for other clients for whom price is more important than quality.

estampagem têxtil


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