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The area in which we have specialised most over the last few years has been printing clothes for brands. We have worked a lot with decorated t-shirts for clothing brands, offering not only textile decoration services but also advice and support through our Youtube, Blog and Facebook platforms.


Juvori is one of the brands we've been working with the most this year and it wasn't with great surprise that we received yet another request to decorate their shirts.


Their choice has been direct printing. As they tend to produce relatively low quantities of decorated merchandise and use images with gradients, direct printing tends to be the best option for their work.

JHK Peach Sweatshirt with Direct Print
JHK Peach Sweatshirt with Direct Print


Technically, this is the best printing option for their clothes. Through direct printing, we can achieve extremely high-quality work at an economical cost. The shadows and gradients that make up their logos couldn't be achieved any other way without losing something (silk-screened detail and plasticised flex touch).


Detail of the direct print
Detail of the direct print


They've enjoyed the work so much that they've been doing more and more. Utilising the maximum capabilities of this technique, they have used both printing on light and dark backgrounds.

Direct printing on light backgrounds (undried)
Direct printing on light backgrounds (undried)


For clothes, they've chosen quite a variety of brands, using B&C sweatshirts for the basics, but they've also opted for one of my favourite JHK shirts, with a touch of peach. For t-shirts, they have opted for Portuguese brands, always with a change of labels.


Personally, I've really liked the marketing they've been doing, using the video tools very well and doing good photo shoots.



It's definitely a brand to keep an eye on and they've done an excellent job of starting up their brand. Direct printing is also a perfect option for clothing brands that are taking their first steps as it doesn't require minimum quantities and achieves a print quality very similar to screen printing.

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