Myths about customizing clothes with DIRECT PRINTING

Direct printing is a method of garment printing in which ink is applied directly to the fabric of the garment using a specialized printer. It's a fast and efficient process that produces high-quality, long-lasting images.

What are the most common myths?

There are some common myths about dtf, direct printing:

  • Direct printing damages clothes:
    • This is not true, as this printing method uses water-based ink, which will be absorbed by the cotton and will not damage it. This way, you can use higher quality clothes, such as Native Spirit, Kariban and many others, without fear of damaging them;
  • Customization is expensive:
    • The price depends a lot on the quantity or size of the image, but as a general rule, it's a very affordable method, especially compared to other multi-color printing methods;
  • The colors don't look anything like they do on the computer:
    • While this may be true to a certain extent, technological advances in direct printing have allowed colors to be printed with high quality and precision.
  • Customization is for companies only:
    • It's not true, you can customize clothes for special events in your life - weddings, birthdays, etc. - and for everyday personal use. This technique has no production minimum;
  • It's a lengthy process:
    • This is a very fast and efficient technique. Depending on the size and complexity, each piece can take an average of less than 2 minutes to produce.
  • Direct textile printing is of poor quality:
    • This is not true, direct printing can produce high-quality images on a wide variety of fabrics. Technology has come a long way in recent years, allowing direct textile printers to produce images with precise details, vibrant colors and smooth gradations.
  • Direct textile printing is difficult to customize:
    • This is another myth. Direct textile printing allows for mass customization, but can also be used for smaller, personalized projects. It is possible to print designs in a wide variety of sizes and positions on the same product, allowing you to personalize each piece with a special touch.

What are the main advantages of this method?

There are several advantages to choosing direct-print clothing customization, here are some of the main ones:

1. Flexibility:

Direct printing offers great flexibility in terms of design. Virtually any image, logo or text can be printed on a garment, allowing creative and exclusive images and designs to be created to meet specific customer needs.

2. Quality:

Direct printing produces high-quality, long-lasting results. The water-based ink is absorbed into the fabric of the garment, creating a print that doesn't fade or peel easily.

3. Speed:

This is a quick and efficient process.

4. Low cost:

Customizing clothes with direct printing is generally more affordable than other customization methods, such as embroidery or screen printing. The cost is determined by the size and complexity of the design.

5. Versatility:

Direct printing can be used to personalize various types of clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, duffel bags, aprons, among many others. It's a versatile option that can be used for many different purposes, such as corporate events, birthday parties, personalized gifts, weddings and much more.

In short, this method of customizing clothes offers flexibility, quality, speed, low cost and versatility. It's a very popular option for both companies and individual consumers looking to create customized designs for a wide variety of purposes.

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