Is it possible to do screen printing on Organic Clothing?

There seems to be a significant misconception regarding organic clothing and organic cotton. Many people seem to have the idea that organic cotton is different from regular cotton and, in some way, does not allow printing like the others.


In fact, organic cotton, according to wikipedia - comes from Organic farming and biological farm which are frequently used terms to refer to sustainable agricultural systems that do not allow the use of harmful synthetic chemicals to human health and the environment, such as certain types of fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, nor genetically modified organisms.

Labels on Organic T-Shirts


This essentially means that the cotton itself is not different. The BIG difference lies in how the cotton is grown, as it is done in a more sustainable manner. In other words, we have the SAME COTTON but produced with fewer (or none at all) chemicals and in a less harmful way to humans and the environment.


For us and for customers - as a printing service and in terms of textile customization methods - there is no difference at all. We can use screen printing, direct to garment printing, and any other method we use with regular cotton. You won't notice any difference in the final result.


At this point, you might be wondering why use organic cotton since it's essentially the same but much more expensive.

Fortunately, clothing brands have chosen to add premium finishes to these garments. All of them - Kariban, Sol's, B&C - have stepped up with side seams, collars with hidden seams, and a much softer fabric (the cotton is of better quality and better combed), ensuring a premium piece with better finishes compared to the typical €2 promotional t-shirt we see out there. This also allows the final printing result to become better.



You can find our selection of organic clothing here.

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