How we make decorated badges

At Maudlin Merchandise we have two ways of making decorated emblems, depending on your taste and how you want to use them.


The most common way of producing them - through embroidery - turns them into real works of art. These items are great to use as badges for university courses or to put on caps and rucksacks, for example. In fact, there are many uses - several that we don't even know about - that we'd like you to point out in the comments.

Characteristics of embroidered emblems:

- You should use images with little detail, especially in smaller sizes;

- Any size up to 25x25cm;

- They are heavy because they are made entirely with thread, on top of a relatively thick felt;

- With a maximum of 12 colours.


We also have printed emblems, known as patches or back patches. This is a considerably different way of producing them.

Through printed patches we can respond to a wider range of projects.


These patches are perfect for applying to denim jackets (in the shape of back patches), for example. They can also be applied to caps or anywhere you want to sew an emblem. We have customers who even use them to replace the fabric labels you see on the sleeve or waistband of their clothes. Imagination really is the limit with these articles.


Characteristics of printed emblems:

- Detail is not a problem. These emblems can be printed in direct, flex and screen printing, depending on the characteristics of the garment. All these methods guarantee better visual quality than embroidery;

- There is no colour limit. As we can use digital printing, the number of colours of the emblem is not a concern;

- Any size up to 30x40cm;

- The badges are much lighter because a relatively thin piece of fabric (twill) is used;


We find it difficult to say which technique is best for one simple reason: the best option depends on the work you want to do and the purpose you want to give to the emblems you buy.

What use do you make of your emblems? Do you like them better with prints or embroidery?



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