How to create a worn effect on a cap

Creating a worn effect on caps is much simpler than it might seem at first glance and Beechfield demonstrates it extremely clearly via the link below where you can see the articles and the steps needed to achieve this result.

Although this example uses some tools that not everyone may have at home for simple use, all you need is a pair of scissors and a little sandpaper to achieve a very similar effect.

The cap used by the brand was the B655 (our reference BC655), a model that we sell for under €6 and which already comes with a worn effect. It's also a model we really like and have no difficulty recommending.

A final wash to complete the worn look will be important, not least because this model sheds a little paint the first time it gets water *pro tip*.

The truth is that you can use literally any model of cap you choose, any reference will work and it doesn't matter whether you have an embroidered cap or a plain one. What matters is that it has a visor and that it can be cut and peeled at various points so that you can wear it yourself.

Good luck, don't forget to show us the final results of your tests!

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