How do you stop labels from showing on the back of t-shirts?

When we print T-shirts and the work requires the application of labels, we can sometimes find some marks on the back of the T-shirt, especially when we apply them to white or light-coloured T-shirts.

This is an extremely complicated issue and - in our opinion - an extremely difficult one to resolve.


We have tips, don't despair, but there are no definitive solutions.


Here's what we recommend:

  • use heavy-duty t-shirts (after all, if we're applying labels, it's probably because we're going to sell the clothes. So a garment with a higher grammage (190 grams) isn't bad at all);
  • Apply labels in light colours. Many customers garment black prints on white T-shirts. Of course, black on white is always seen on the opposite side, no matter how thick the fabric. One solution is to print labels in grey or cream whenever possible;


These options don't guarantee 100% full resolution, but they will help minimise the visibility of clothing labels on your garments.


When we talk about coloured T-shirts, printed T-shirts - or any other textile item apart from white T-shirts - this question no longer arises since they are dark or thicker items.

Even so, in our opinion, printed labels have many benefits over fabric labels, starting with the minimums (printed labels have no production minimums, fabric labels need 500 to start with), ease of application (it's much cheaper to print a label than to sew it onto the garment) and even in the long term after the sale (how many people cut fabric labels? No one will cut a printed one).


With a little care and planning, it's possible to almost completely eliminate this issue that some customers raise.

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