Four reasons to choose the tote bag as an advertising item

If we had to choose an essential promotional item that companies love for their communications, it would have to be the tote bag! Made of soft fabric, practical, and endlessly reusable, this bag appeals to brands worldwide. Available in various colors, shapes, and materials, it offers numerous customization possibilities.

In historical terms, it emerged in the early 1900s! British postal workers and "newspaper boys" needed a lightweight, open bag that would allow them easy access to the newspapers they delivered. This was the first type of tote bag, worn over the shoulder, which replaced the traditional leather satchel.

The tote bag has been an effective and popular marketing tool among professionals for many years and continues to be so. There are plenty of opportunities to offer a personalized bag, from trade shows to sports events, through end-of-year gifts to clients or teams.

Still not convinced? Here are five good reasons to offer your customers a personalized bag!

Reason 1: It is a very useful object and, above all, reusable.

Did you know that? "Utility is the first consideration to keep in mind for preserving a promotional item, according to a survey conducted by 2FPCO. 86% of French people keep a promotional item because they consider it useful and practical."

These are undoubtedly the two main characteristics of the tote bag and the reason why companies often choose it as a promotional gift.

Examples that prove it is a useful gift?

Shopping bags at least A4 size distributed at a trade fair can be used to carry sales brochures during the event and then kept for shopping afterward.

Giving employees a tote bag with an engraved logo and a quote is a corporate gift in the company's colors, and an original and striking bag that they will be proud to use again in their daily lives!

And, of course, when a brand offers an XXL tote bag to its customers, it turns them into ambassadors who help create visibility and raise the brand's profile while they stroll down the street with their bag.

Reason 2: There's always something for everyone's taste.

The popularity of the tote bag has compelled brands to offer it in a wide variety of shapes, designs, colors, and materials.

The most classic and famous version comes in a plain color, often light, with handles large enough to be worn over the shoulder.

But it can also be more original! Bicolor, striped, or patterned, adorned with sequins or reinforced to increase its capacity, the bag can be a super trendy piece.

Thinking about the use of a tote bag and the positioning of the company is an excellent starting point to help your clients choose the right product:

  • Should it be everywhere or be more original?
  • Does it need to be spacious or would a mini tote bag be more suitable? Will it be used as a handbag or as a pouch inside a larger bag?
  • Should it be unisex and neutral to appeal to the general public? Or to a specific target audience?

Reason 3: This is the perfect item for successful customization.

Another undeniable asset: the tote bag is very easy to customize! To create unique and unusual pieces. A logo can be embroidered or printed A bag can even be decorated with a photograph or an ombre look thanks to the "sublimation" technique. 100% white polyester models are perfect for this type of request!

Certainly, the marking technique for the bag depends on the color of the material and the decoration, so consider these questions with your clients to offer them suitable products.

A company intends to print on a classic, light-colored bag, mostly made of cotton? The DTG digital printing technique will create an attractive finish that will stand the test of time.

A sports association would like to have a slightly complex image, such as a photograph, printed on cloth bags? So, the Direct To Film technique is an excellent choice for vibrant colors and excellent adhesion, even on dark fabrics.

A marca would like a slightly more original bag in hessian, for example? Consider dual-material products: the front and back are cotton for easy customization!

Reason 4: It's strong and durable

If you're used to using a bag already, you know you can put several relatively heavy objects inside: groceries, books, clothes, a pair of shoes, etc.

To give a shopping bag, consider making a sturdy model. The following criteria can help you in your selection:

  • good fabric thickness, meaning a weight of at least 220 g/m²;
  • sides joined with Interlock stitches (two layers), for increased durability;
  • wide and comfortable handles, attached to the bag with cross stitches for a better fit;
  • a fabric of cotton canvas, used for sails and tent, and therefore known for its extreme resistance.

Are you interested in using the tote bag as an advertising object? Talk to us!

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